CyberBee Software


Timisoara, Romania


CyberBee Software is a technology consulting firm offering software development, architecture and quality assurance services to large US-based enterprise customers.  We build innovative, custom software-solutions utilizing modern development best practices, agile methodologies & open-source tools.  Our Timisoara-based software-development team works closely with experienced US-based domain specialists and project managers to solve interesting and exciting software development challenges for our customers using leading-edge technologies.


  • 7+ years hands-on experience with relevant technology

  • JAVA

    • Core JAVA and concurrency

    • SDK 1.8+ and functional concepts

    • Build systems (maven, gradle)

    • Continuous Integration

  • BigData

    • NoSQL (one or more of Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, AWS - DynamoDB, RedShift)

    • Apache Spark, Apache Storm or similar framework

    • Good understanding of, and experience with map-reduce

  • Proven knowledge of algorithms and complexity analysis

  • Design patterns (core, concurrent, microservices)

  • AWS Ecosystem or other similar solutions (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform)


  • Senior level familiarity with Agile SCRUM methodology

  • Experience with issue tracking and project management systems (JIRA, VSTS)

  • Exposure to VCS and associated tools (git, GitHub, BitBucket)


  •  Scala